from Suite No. 2 for Unaccompanied Cello

J. S. Bach

This selection is great exercise material as well as a nice performance piece. It will challenge you to expand the range you play on your instrument. Since the cello has a very wide range, this pieces moves from very low to very high throughout.

We have it here in different keys to fit a variety of instruments. Since it is a solo piece, you can play it in any key. It's originally in Dm, and we have it in Dm bass clef for cellists, bassists, bassoonists. Flutists can use the Dm treble clef version, but so can anyone else who wants to play in the highest ranges. We also have it in Cm to fit the range of saxophones, and Em to fit the range of french horn (bass clarinetists with low C can use this version, and will be sounding in the original key). Most other instruments will use the Am version; the range required fits violin, trumpet, and clarinet. You may also adapt any version for your instrument.

This piece sounds best when you play with precise timing, making it an ideal exercise and warmup piece. It was meant to be played with repeats, and each repeat is treated differently; for instance, forte the first time and piano the second time (our soundfile illustrates this treatment). However, those things are optional. Part of building your musicianship is to interpret each piece and play it the way you want to play it.

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